SFWJPG - Seattle Filmworks to JPG conversion (Windows)

SFWJPG_win32.zip - Convert Seattle Filmworks .SFW files to .JPG.

The ZIP file includes the Win32 command line executable and 'C++' source code.

SFWJPG is a Win32 port of the UNIX hosted application written by Everett Lipman.
It may be used freely according to the GNU General Public License.

Update history:

Execution requirements:

Program requires Windows version Vista or beyond (e.g. Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).
Support for Windows XP was lost in the 2016 update to unmirror.

Frequently asked questions

  1. After downloading and executing the program, all I see is a flash

    SFWJPG is a command line executable.
    If you run it from graphical user interface, the program will launch, display help text and then terminate.
    From a graphical user interface, this will appear as a flash.
    The program should be run from a command line. (WindowButton-R) then "cmd" <enter>.
    Execute sfwjpg program from command line with no parameters to get information on required parameters.

    This question comes up often, I have created a video to show the process.
    Here's the video, stream with flash or download mp4.

  2. How do I convert many files at once?

    To convert many files, place all .SFW files into a single directory. For example a SFW folder under "Pictures".
    Using command prompt, change directory (CD) to the directory that holds pictures, then "SFWJPG *.SFW".

    The program will create a .JPG for each SFW file that is processed and place that JPG in the same directory.

  3. Created JPGs are upside down

    This was corrected in the January 2016 release.

  4. Created JPGs are mirrored (left-right are reversed)

    This was corrected in the January 2016 release.

Comments and feedback, email to "joe" at this domain.

Joe Nord