FindDUPS - Find duplicate files> - Utility program to find duplicate files on one of more drives or directories. Windows command line executable, no GUI.

License: This utility may be freely used so long as it is unmodified, not sold or redistributed.. 

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Joe Nord
Locates duplicate files in a directory or a directory tree (-r) basing the
comparison on the file contents and ignoring the file names.
Common usage is importing pictures from camera media and wishing to determine
whether the files have been previously imported and possibly renamed.

Groups of identical files are displayed, and optionally (-d) erased.
When both source and destination parameters are provided, duplicates are
removed only from the source.

Zero size files are ignored for erase as they are always identical and the file
presence can have meaning outside of their contents (common with .ini files).

When deleting (-d) with recurse (-r), the code will remove empty directories.
A directory is considered empty when it has no files, or when it has only files
of zero size and in this case, the zero size files are purged with the directory.

    finddups [-switches]  [Destination] [Destination] ...

    Source      Directory path and optionally filenames, wildcards supported.
    Destination Directory path and optionally filenames, wildcards supported.

    -? Help     Show this help screen
    -a All      Same behavior as DIR /A
    -b Batch    Generate BAT file to erase duplicate files
    -d Delete   Delete redundant files and remove empty directories
    -r Recurse  Process subdirectories
    -v Verbose  Include reasons for actions in display

    finddups -r c:\music\*.mp3
    finddups -r e:\ "c:\family pictures"
    finddups -r e:\ "c:\family pictures" "c:\scanned pictures"