Nop.exeWindows executable that does nothing – Windows Executable Program that does nothing, source included.

The nop.exe program inside of does nothing. This can be useful for REMing startup folder or run= content. For example, in the following Windows registry locations, programs can be listed to run on each boot of the Windows machine and/or each logon.

This space is often filled with all kinds of junk that you can comment out to speed system boot and logon. Then again, occasionally there is truly important stuff there! How to know which you have? There is no “REM” command for the startup folders, so without a little help, you can't easily comment these lines out. People commonly erase them – but then sometimes want to put them back. This is complicated.

The NOP.exe utility provides a REM command for the start up folder. It does absolutely NOTHING, but it does satisfy the requirements of having an executable to actually launch and terminate. By changing the RUN= entries to RUN=NOP <WhatWasThereBefore>, you can selectively disable the RUN= entries without actually erasing them.

Here is an example for the Intel wireless adapter on my notebook.

nop "C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ifrmewrk.exe" /tf Intel PROSet/Wireless

More examples in the following captured bitmap.

Why “NOP”?

“nop” is the Intel 8086 Assembly instruction for “do nothing”.

Every CPU has one and now so does your Windows system.

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Joe Nord