SFWJPG - Seattle Filmworks to JPG conversion (Windows)

SFWJPG - Convert Seattle Filmworks .SFW files to .JPG.

SFWJPG is a Win32 port of the UNIX hosted application written by Everett Lipman.
It may be used freely according to the GNU General Public License.

The first ZIP file below holds the Windows executable stored inside a ZIP and the second zip file holds the source code including Everett's original PWPJPG version on UNIX which just kinda hangs out with the source for all these years.  I note that Everett's website is off the web, so my copy here becomes THE copy, least short of wayback machines.  I used to provide the executable and source in a single zip and that worked good until the Exif header code was added and the number of source files started to expand. To make it easier to consume the primary case of the executable, have split the executable and source into separate zips.
Update: January 04, 2024
The change history below says I have been the caretaker of this program for 21 years. Among the things I spotted early on, inside the SFW files was the roll number and the DATE that the film was developed.  In January 2023, I released a version of SFWJPG which would incorporate the date film developed data into the produced JPG file as the date that the photo was taken. This can be part of the Exif Header which is one of the fields of JPEG files.  Before this addition, the program didn't know how to produce an Exif header, so this was a significant change and having coded it, twice now, I can tell you that this formatting is non-trivial and non-forgiving.  But, the code is complete.  The date information stored inside the JPG is used by photo editing and album software to display the images chronologicaly accurately.  Notice that the program has only the date that the film was developed, this is what is used as "Date/Time Original", approximating the date the photo was taken.

When released the first version with this capability I noted that it was a pretty significant rewrite and had the distinct opportunity to break things, and I can add now that it did break things. These are fixed in the Jan 2024 update. There were two bugs.
  1. Broke the ability to convert Overlake Photo PIC files to JPEG
  2. Eronously set the date information for "93A" format SFW files to 1970
Thank you to David Roberson for pointing out the PIC errors for me and inspiring me to post the prior version to keep things operational while I worked toward a fix.  Yes, that fix took 6 months, needed the holidays to have a chance to properly study. Pretty sure I got it this time. If this works out to not be the case, contact me via the email address listed at the bottom of this page.

Update history:

Retain your source images

The history above says retain your source SFW images.  Beyond roll number not yet being exploited, I don't know what other jewels may be present, but history has shown that they do surface from time to time.  There are about 200 bytes of gibberish at the head of the SFW file that I do not yet know what is stored.

Execution requirements:

Program requires Windows version Vista or beyond (e.g. Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11).
Support for Windows XP was lost in the 2016 update to unmirror.

Frequently asked questions

  1. After downloading and executing the program, all I see is a flash

    SFWJPG is a command line executable.
    If you run it from graphical user interface, the program will launch, display help text and then terminate and from a graphical user interface, this will appear as a flash.
    The program should be run from a command line. (WindowButton-R) then "cmd" <enter>.
    Execute sfwjpg program from command line with no parameters to get information on required parameters.

    This question comes up often, I have created a video to show the process.
    Here's the video, link to video mp4.

    Could I create a GUI version?  Yes!  But it hasn't happened in the first 21 years, so this will likely not change. 

  2. How do I convert many files at once?

    To convert many files, place all .SFW files into a single directory. For example a SFW folder under "Pictures".
    Using command prompt, change directory (CD) to the directory that holds pictures, then "SFWJPG *.SFW".

    The program will create a .JPG for each SFW file that is processed and place that JPG in the same directory.

    See the video above for example.

Comments and feedback, email to "joe" at this domain.

Joe Nord