Activated Disqus

Thank you all who have commented on this blog and gone through the manual steps to sign up with an account on the WordPress system, author a comment and then wait for me to see it, and approve before it becomes visible. This whole thing can take a day or two on a good case and that lag time really plays against interactive nature of discussion.

In an effort to make comment posting “immediate” it is necessary to remove humans from the loop. I have set up an account on Disqus and added this site to the discussion forums.

Near as I can tell, when set up Disqus, this deactivates methods of posting on WordPress blogs which are not Disqus. That feels a bit overreaching, but its likely the right call as the real goal on this is to involve reputation in the automatic approval and posting of comments. If you are a known person who hasn’t spammed the world in other forums, then you get immediate posting here.

If you have experience in the Disqus blog commenting space I appreciate hearing what you have learned, please comment below. I fear what can happen when the world of possible robots can comment without filters. Time will show how this experiment plays out.

Update: August 20, 2021

Received notification from Disqus that my site has been approved for ads! Or, I could sign up at the paid level for $11 / month. That’s more than I want to pay and the idea of putting ads on my site to pay for the tool, well no. So I’ve bowed out and removed the plugin. It was a good experiment, I’m back to WordPress comments and a return to delayed vision of reader posts as I have to review them before they are shown.

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