Moving into WordPress

Updated my website to use version 8.0 of PHP and B2evolution stopped working. Was able to repair it enough to see blog posts again and managed to extract the content. This was the sign I needed to retire the old blog manager and move into the times with WordPress.

Technically I used WordPress before B2evolution, but it had some security issues that inspired me to move away. See blog post on this site about LAVE is Eval spelled backwards, link, and checking the date, wow, looks like that was 2014. From there, I moved to Blogger and some time after moved everything, except one post back to personal website. That post had wide reading and lots of links to it, so left it be.

Why did I select B2evolution? It was not WordPress and wasn’t something bad actors were attacking. I had become very tired of spam comments continuously showing up on on blog in prior usage of WordPress. Yes, this is security through obscurity, but hey, it worked.

Years gone by, it is 2021 and I move back to WordPress. I must say that with 7 years of active maintenance and enhancements, WordPress is very impressive compared to the B2evolution blogging system. I’ll write some posts on the experience.

Joe Nord

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